Pre-Playoff Practice Tournament Information

General Information
1.  Tournaments will be held on weekends at the Rochester Chess Center.  Dates will be offered once the date of the Playoffs has been finalized. 
2.  Each tournament will feature one of two formats.  Either
a)  two opening games (pairings randomly assigned) followed by a consolation game (pairing the losers from the opening games) and a championship (pairing the winners from the opening games).
b)  a four team round-robin with a school playing each of the other three attendees


3.  Teams will field a five-person team.
4.   Time control is game in 25 with 5 second delay.


5.  A school wishing to participate simply needs to pre-register for a given date.  Schools from other leagues may then fill slots in that tournament.  (It is actually possible to have simultaneous tournaments if there is particularly heavy interest for a given day.) 
6.  A fee of $20 ($30 for a three-round tournament) is payable on the day of the tournament.
7.  Tournaments will begin at 10am.  Two round tournaments should be complete by 12noon; three round events finish before 1pm.
8.  A school may select any of the five boards and request an analysis.  Notation is the responsibility of the school.