An important announcement about
the Interscholastic Chess League

The Interscholastic Chess League will be happening this year,
despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The start of the season will be delayed a few weeks beyond its normal start
 to give schools a chance to adjust to remote learning, social distancing, and
 all the other aspects of life that defines  -- for now --  the new 'normal'.

Game play during the fall term will be done remotely.  More information
about this will be sent to coaches as it becomes available.  We also anticipate
that some play during the spring term, especially early on in January, will be
handled by remote means.  Recognizing that in-person play remains the gold
standard for chess competition, if there is an opportunity to resume
in-person play, we will seek to do so, but only with approvals from district
and school officials, local health officials, and the coaches and players 

Remote play will include the opportunity for students to participate from home.  

Schools will also have the opportunity to participate only in the spring.

And if circumstances prevent a school's team from completing its regular
season, most schools will have a pro-rated portion of their participation
fee refunded (or rolled over to the 2021-2022 season).

In-person play, if it resumes while the COVID-19 pandemic is still a concern,
 will require proper procedures including, but not limited to:
mandatory masks (face shields for those with respiratory concerns)
social distancing as much as possible
constant (and consistent) sanitizing of surfaces (including boards, clocks and pieces)

This will be a season unlike any other in the history of our ICLs.
Coaches and players are asked to be patient, respectful and helpful
as we work to make this season a fun, educational endeavor.