2021 Interscholastic Chess League Playoffs

Date:  Saturday, May 22, 2021
Time: 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:30pm and 1:30pm
Remote play

Final Rochester Results
First Place:  Pittsford A, 115 points
Second place:  Brighton, 92 points
Third place:  Penfield, 83 points
Fourth place:  Lyons, 60.5 points
Fifth place:  Greece Arcadia, 56.5 points
Sixth place:  Pittsford B, 52 points
Seventh place:  Barker Rd. MS, 43 points
Eighth place:  McQuaid HS, 37 points
Ninth place:  Webster Spry MS, 34 points
Tenth place:  Webster Schroeder, 30 points

Final Buffalo Results
First place:  Niagara Falls, 144 points
Second place:  Canisius, 102.5 points
Third place:  St. Mary's, 21 points

Board 1
First round
Woods over Barnovsky
To over Bettinger
Condino over Dahhan

Second round
Condino over To
Dahhan over Bettinger
Cambolat over Barnosky
Cholewinski over Woods
Third round
Woods over To
Condino over Cholewinski
Bettinger over Barnosky
Dahhan over Cambolat
Fourth round
To over Dahhan
Woods over Condino
Cholewinski over Bettinger
Tyler over Barnosky
Fifth round
Woods over Dahhan
To over Cholewinski
Condino over Tyler

Top 5 scorers
Langston Woods (Pittsford A), 4 points
Richard Condino (Niagara Falls), 4 points
Dustin To (Brighton), 3 points
Ethan Cholewinski (Canisius), 2.5 points
Dina Dahhan (Penfield), 2 points

Board 2
First round
Lusignan over Warth
DiGiovanni over Cambolat
Keiper over Hart
Herrmann over Giess
O'Heron over Piwko
Second round
Lusignan over DiGiovanni
Warth over Piwko
Geiss over Hart
Herrmann over Gramling
Keiper over O'Heron
Third round
Keiper over Lusignan
Herrmann over DiGiovanni
Hart over Piwko
Geiss over Gramling
O'Heron over Warth
Fourth Round
O'Heron over Giess
Keiper over Herrmann
Warth over DiGiovanni
Piwko over Gramling
Hart draws Lusignan
Fifth round
DiGiovanni over Gramling
Lusignan over Herrmann
O'Heron over Hart
Keiper over Geiss
Warth over Piwko
Top 5 scorers
Patrick Keiper (Niagara Falls), 5 points
Matthew O'Heron (Pittsford A), 4 points
David Lusignan (Brighton), 3.5 points
Ray Warth (McQuaid), 3 points
Jacqueline Herrmann (Webster Schroeder), 3 points

Board 3
First round
Tsipenyuk over Keegan
Kuznair over Pollot
Shand over Meyer
Second round
Kuznair over Keegan
Shand over Tsipenyuk
Tell over Meyer
Third round
Chen over Meyer
Tsipenyuk over Matuch
Tell over Pollot
Kuznair over Shand
Fourth round
Kuznair over Tell
Shand over Chen
Pollot over Matuch
Meyer over Pembroke
Fifth round
Pollot over Chen
Meyer over Kuznair
Matuch over Pembroke
Tell draws Shand
Top 5 scorers
Katie Kuznair (Penfield), 4 points
Dominic Shand (Barker Rd. MS) 3 points
Zach Tell (Canisius), 3 points
Dustin Pollot (Lyons), 3 points
Waylan Meyer (Pittsford B), 2 points

Board 4
First round
Walter over McDonald
Hedgepeth over Hinds
Sathiaseelan over Miller
Attea over Visca
Naathasoruban over Koomen
Second round
Hedgepeth over Naathasoruban
Sathiaseelan over Walter
Attea over Miller
Visca over McDonald
Koomen over Hinds
Third round
Attea over Naathasoruban
Visca over Walter
Koomen over Miller
Hedgepeth over Sathiaseelan
McDonald over Hinds
Fourth round
HInds over Miller
Attea over Hedgepeth
Visca over Koomen
Walter over Naathasoruban
Sathiaseelan over McDoland
Fifth round
Attea over Sathiaseelan
Walter over Koomen
McDonald over Miller
Naathasoruban over Hinds
Hedgepeth over Visca
Top 5 scorers
Phil Attea (Canisius), 5 points
David Hedgepeth (Niagara Falls), 4 points
Thiloginy Sathiaseelan (Pittsford A), 3 points
Teddy Visca (Greece Arcadia), 3 points
Alex Walter (St. Mary's), 3 points

Board 5
First round
Welch over Webster
Borreli over Rowe
Tompkins draws Rodriguez
Misterkewicz draws Sau
Second round
Misterkewicz over Rodriguez
Antonucci over Sau
Webster over Rowe
Welch over Borrelli
Tompkins over Harter
Third round
Antonucci over Misterkewicz
Welch over Tompkins
Sau over Rodriguez
Borrelli over Webster
Rowe draws Harter
Fourth round
Borrelli over Sau
Webster over Harter
Antonucci over Welch
Misterkewicz over Tompkins
Rowe over Rodriguez
Fifth round
Sau over Rowe
Misterkewicz over Welch
Webster over Tompkins
Antonucci over Borrelli
Top 5 scorers
Lorenzo Antonucci (Pittsford B), 4.5 points
Vincent Misterkewicz (Canisius), 3.5 points
Anna Borrelli (Pittsford A), 3 points
Isaiah Welch (Niagara Falls), 3 points
Garrett Webster (Penfield), 3 points