2019 Interscholastic Bughouse Championships

Date:  Saturday, May 18, 2019
Time:  9:30am - 1:30pm
Location:  Rochester Chess Center

Two-person teams

Depending on numbers, there may be multiple sections.
Cash prizes to the top elementary, MS/HS and open/adult teams.
Mixed age teams placed in the age section of the older player.

Clocks, boards and pieces will be provided but players are encouraged to bring their own (especially clocks).

Registration fee:  $6 per player or $10 per team
Solo registrants will be partnered with other single individual entrees.
$1 discount for Rochester Chess Center members or participants in the Rochester Interscholastic Chess League.

To register:
by mail:  Rochester Chess Center
               221 Norris Dr.
               Rochester, NY  14621

by phone:  call (585) 442-2430

by e-mail:  chesscenter@rochester.rr.com