Dr. Rawle Farley Memorial
Monday Night League
(version XXXVII and beyond)
"Ron, I had a great time." I will always remember how Rawle would seek me out when leaving the chess center and  -- whether he had won or lost --  this was his endgame. He was a consistent player in our Monday leagues over the years, and only missed the last two because of failing health. His sportsmanship and excellent play will be missed. When I suggested to the league players that we should dedicated future leagues to help remember him, there was unanimous positive feedback. I hope you'll join me in playing in this memorial league.
Winter League
Tournament Director:  Dave Phelps

The remainder of the Winter League schedule is cancelled.
Standings and results through March 2 are final.

Spring League 2020

Summer League 2020
Tentatively planned to begin June 22. 
Depending on circumstances, this start date could moved
earlier or later.  Check back for updates.

All boards are USCF rated but no FIDE, G/90 d5
(d5 means a 5 second delay before your clock starts)

  Teams drafted to balance rating average
(but we'll try to honor your request to play on a specific team).
Entry Fees:

All boards
:  $25 (Chess Center members $17;
$2 discount for participation in the Summer 2019 League)

Please call to verify your entry.
If you decide last minute to play, please get there by 6:45pm to register.
(585) 442-2430
to enter and for answers to your questions.

All games played at:
Rochester Chess Center
221 Norris Dr.
Rochester, NY 14610