Marchand Open 
March 16 & 17, 2019

Dr. Erich Marchand requested that his "friends play chess in his memory"

Strong National Museum of Play
One Manhattan Square, Rochester NY  14607
Important Notice: There is no smoking allowed on The Strong campus

150 Grand Prix Points
5 round Swiss System.  Time control is G/115 w/5 second delay.

Registered GMs and IMs
GM Sergey Kudrin
GM Alex Shabalov
GM Bryan Smith
GM Alex Fishbein

Total registrations as of 3/12/19:  148

    4 Sections-  You only play opponents in your section.  All sections are USCF rated. 
    Open Section:  (also FIDE rated)  $3,000-2,000-1,300-800-500-300;
        Under 2200 & U2000 each $800-475.      Total prizes: $10,450    Entry Fee:  $85
    U1800 Section:  $1,050-700-400;     Under 1600:  $700-400.       Total prizes:  $3,250    Entry Fee:  $70
    U1400 Section:  $580-360-240;     Under 1200:  $340-220.       Total prizes: $1,740    Entry Fee:  $60
    U1000 Section:  $350-220-140;     Under 800:  $175-115.      Total prizes: $1,000    Entry Fee:  $50
Ratings as in March Supplement.  Unrated players limited to $100 in U1000, $195 in U1400, $330 in U1800. 
No limit in Open.  Balance to next prize winners.

All Entry Fees add $20 after 3/4/2019.  NYSCA members deduct $3
Free entry fee (deducted from prizes) and $100 appearance fee for all GMs and IMs if entered by 3/4/2019.

Registration:  8:30-9:15am.  Rounds:  Saturday 10:00-2:15-6:30;  Sunday 10:00-2:15. 
Optional first round Friday 3/15 at 7pm at Rochester Chess Center.  Register by 6:30.
One 1/2 point bye available in rounds 1, 2, 3 or 4. 
Bring sets,  boards,  and clocks - none supplied.  USCF membership required. 
Food court and chess books and equipment sales available on-site.  Free Parking.

Important Notice:  There is NO SMOKING allowed on any part of The Strong Museum campus.

Information available on-line by going to www.nychess.org
or by calling the Rochester Chess Center at (585)-442-2430  

Click HERE for flyer

Mail Entry Form to:
Rochester Chess Center
221 Norris Drive
Rochester,  NY 14610

Or fax the form to (585) 442-2894

Or e-mail the information to chesscenter@rochester.rr.com